Friday, May 8, 2009

Electric Eel Shock @ Shibuya Yaneura

I was planning on seeing Detroit7 in Shimokitazawa and while looking for directions, discovered that Electric Eel Shock would be playing in Shibuya that same night. They came to the States a lot and I kept missing them every time, including a chance to see them when I was visiting the folks in Olympia. (I found out a few days late! Was so bummed.)

I was torn between a cool girl rock band and a crazy boy rock band. Since I had seen Detroit7 live in LA, I went with Electric Eel Shock.

Date: May 8, 2009 (Friday)
Venue: Shibuya Yaneura
Cost: 3000 yen, includes a drink ticket

Line up: Jighead, Kirihito, The JFK, Electric Eel Shock
EES set lasted about 30 minutes plus one encore song

In Japan, a club that plays live music is called a "live house." I never quite figured out if we use the same term in English. One thing for sure though is that the music mix in Japan is sooo much better than the places I've been in LA. I've been to three live houses and in all of them you can hear the vocals and the mix is solid.

I got to meet the band and also the lead singer for The JFK, and no, the band name has nothing to do with Kennedy. The JFK was the perfect complement to EES - very rock and a great performance. Also check out the drummer of Kirihito - he looks like the Japanese Curly from the Three Stooges!

With Aki, vocals and guitar. I need to work on my rock'n'roll face.

With Gian, drums and Kazuto, bass. Gian is wearing clothes in this pic, but on stage, he's naked except for a sock on his johnson! I need A LOT more work on my rock'n'roll face.

This picture is why I need to buy the Canon G10! No more blurry concert pics!

The event was called Rock'n'Roll Fisherman. Electric Eel Shock loves to fish when they aren't shredding on stage. After the show there were giveaways from the sponsors. The crowd played rock-scissors-paper to win. I kept losing to paper! But then got lucky and won this Gary Yamamoto custom baits jacket! Sugoi!

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