Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Eddie Kim

First off, you'll notice something new on this video. Yes, we have a new background! Ok, seriously, Renee has moved on to bigger and brighter challenges and so that leaves me to handle the task of interviewing our guests. You can tell I'm thinking and talking at the same time and I don't look comfortable up there, but give me a few interviews to get used to sitting in the chair, I promise I'll get better!

I started the Eddie Kim interview by asking him about NewSpeak TV, only to find out that it's part of something bigger called Projekt NewSpeak. You can see Eddie's videos on his YouTube page. Better yet, catch him live in "The Sketch Comedy Show" on Dec. 1 at the El Portal Theater in North Hollywood.

Part 1: NewSpeak TV and Projekt NewSpeak

Part 2: Eddie explains why he got into acting

1 comment:

imalmostthere said...

Great interview!
Love the new background.

This comedy show looks hilarious.
Definitely need more Asian Americans like this.